We are a Nevada based, healthcare Management group that currently provides administration services in the field of community medical care, to include Correctional Healthcare, Home Health Care, Therapy Services, Nursing, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies.

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We have been in business since 1999 and throughout the years, we have held many contracts with State and Federal agencies to provide medical care. We fully understand the processes and intricacies of maintaining government accreditations and licensing requirements. We are fully authorized, licensed, and insured to do business in the State of Nevada. We directly work with Private Insurances, State Medicaid, and Federal Medicare under several of our corporations to provide many quality healthcare services in the community.


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Our executive team has navigated diverse medical environments, ranging from air ambulance services and home health care, to durable medical equipment and respiratory services. Through our sister companies, we have provided management services for a wide variety of medical programs. We have accomplished said feats with an impeccable track-record while successfully managing increasing costs, lower reimbursements, and coping with ever changing state regulations and federal mandates.

Along our journey, we have experienced many milestones, including the opening of five offices in the northern Nevada area, securing several private and state contracts, as well as being awarded exclusive licenses to provide services in the rural parts of the state. This steady, conservative growth and the successes we have enjoyed thus far demonstrate our innate ability to plan for and deliver quality care to our customers.

Given our expertise in the medical industry, our high client satisfaction ratings, and 100% compliance scores from the state of Nevada for the past four years running, we believe we are uniquely positioned to bring countless improvements and higher standards of service to Nevada Counties across the state. You can be certain we have what it takes to handle a wide variety of logistic challenges while ensuring strict levels of compliance with the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC). We also realize that the number one concern in our industry is customer care and satisfaction, and it is in this area that we outperform all others.


Born and bred in Nevada, our company has the obligation and desire to do right by our neighbors. Our ability to operate locally puts us in a unique position to better manage local contracts.

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New policies and procedures can be implemented in a fast, more efficient manner in order to address day to day issues and concerns. Our upper management and corporate officers are local, rooted Nevadans, with many years of active participation in the community, who can better relate to the region's financial and social dynamics.


In summary, our track record has been a very successful one, demonstrating not only year after year of pertinent experience, but also far reaching, diverse areas of expertise.

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Our mission and number one priority is that of improving the health care services currently being offered at your facility. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you in this manner and hopefully make this endeavor our next milestone. We look forward to working with you!